Ten tracks selected by James Mc Hale and Giorgio Maulini and Q&A after Caprices Festival

Following the impressive closing set at MDRNTY, we sat down with both James Mc Hale and Giorgio Maulini for a quick chat and we ended up speaking of course about music, with both digging deep and selecting for us ten tracks following the mood of the moment.

Hi James, Hi Giorgio! Caprices Festival set very high standards over the years, both for the unique locations as well as for the quality line-ups proposed: which feelings did you have in closing the MDRNTY stage of this edition together? 

GM – I started to get super excited like a month before the gig. This one meant a lot for me because I have been living and working at Crans-Montana as a Ski & Snowboard teacher for 7 years and also worked with the team of Caprices Festival many years back. Playing at home in front of my people next to one of my good friends has no price. It was without doubt one of the most enjoyable sets of my career.

JMH – Honestly the whole day I was super nervous, it put a lot of pressure on me, but when it started and I was standing behind the booth, I felt I was safe and protected, and then you’re living in your own world and can share it with the crowd. I am super thankful for this opportunity, and it will stay in my mind as one of my highlights for a long time.

So far has been a good year, with summer approaching and the increase in number of events and showcases, where we will see you playing? 

GM – It has a been a great year indeed with a lot of dates around Europe. I will be playing in Berlin this week at Club der Visionaere with my good friends Guti, Argenis, Madnax and James. On Wednesday I will be joining SY and Cosmjn at Watergate. I will be playing at the opening of EDEN (Ibiza) with East End Dubs, Sebo K and Tiefschwarz. Every two weeks I will be at B12 (Ibiza) with my good friends from Continuous Groove. MDRNTY Cruise is also around the corner where I will be playing with James. Then for Sonar OFF at the Decay Records showcase and after that Electroziles Festival in Switzerland. I am preparing a tour in South and central America for September – October too. I am quite excited for the summer ?

JMH – To mention some: I’m gonna have  a small residency over the summer in Ibiza at Sankeys for Unusual Suspect with 3 dates, there are also some festivals in Switzerland like Winterthur Festival, Open Air Frauenfeld, Lucerne Fest, and there will be some surprises for my Sunday Breakfast Residency. I’ll also be at the MDRNTY Cruise ? At the moment, I’m working on my upcoming Sunday Breakfast release and some other great projects are in the pipeline.

Can you name one or few artists you admire for their work and have been a source of inspiration?

GM – It’s hard to name a few because there is a lot of talent out there and a lot of influences from various parts of the world but I’d say Delano Smith, East End Dubs, Petre Inspirescu, Argenis Brito, Silverlining

JMH – Ricardo Villalobos for what he did for the whole scene, inspired so many people with his music, like me. Rhadoo’s mixing skills are from another world. Ion Ludwig’s live sets are always on top.

What vibes you were looking for when digging for these tracks?

GM – I wasn’t looking for any specific vibe when digging for these tracks. If I listen to it and it makes me dance, has a special vibe or a dreamy synth or something like that and it’s well constructed, then I play it. ?

JMH – I think when you’re digging for tracks, when you’re first listening to them, you get the feeling from the tunes. Some you understand some you don’t – this is how you figure out the vibe.


Find below the 10-tracks playlist exclusively selected for Trommel by Giorgio and James

Giorgio Maulini Selections

Dakpa – Lila – Sukhumvit (2017)

Super track by Dakpa released with Sukhumvit. I love to start or finish the set with something atmospheric and groovy like this.

3 in Key – Untitled – Eye 4 Sound (Unknown)

All the way from the 1990’s and it sounds like if it was released this year. Bomb!

Viceversa – Fivefivetwo – Viceversa (2018)

For me, this guy is one of the top 10 up and coming producers in Europe at the moment. I just can’t get enough of his tracks. Seriously good.

Giorgio Maulini – Maybe – Kindisch (2018)

Released just 2 weeks ago with my friends from Kindisch (Get Physical’s sub label). Groovy and happy vibes.

Lopaski – KD 07 – Blind Box (2016)

Another record I like to play is this one. All the tracks are great. Love the modular sounds and the warm synths moving in the background.

James Mc Hale Selections

Shaolin Fantastic – Kindness – Spoon (2018)

A track by a good friend, I support a lot  of his productions. This is one of my favourites, I can play it in in the warm ups, peak time to take the tension a bit down and at good afterhours. This is always in my DJ bag.

Cosmjn – Butterfly Drop – Eastenderz (2018)

Such a nice, dreamy tune by a talented guy, out on the well known quality label Eastenderz.

Ion Ludwig – No Man Can Be One Way You Should See – Lick My Deck (2014)

One of my all time favourites. I can’t really describe why, but it really brings me onto another level, such a deep one from Kos.

Silat Beksi – Shushu – What You Want (2018)

Groovy as fuck hahahaha! When I first heard it, I got goose pimples for the full 7 minutes. The long break in lead from the vocal is so minimalistic done but so well, love it.

Phrasis Veteris – Saturday Track – All Inn Black (2012)

This came out 2012 and I’ll never forget it, I like the hypnotic darkness in this track, and the ”happy accidents“ and tones you couldn’t create deliberately before it happens.


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