Premiere: A1 – Anthrophia – The Voice [HPDVA002]

Anthrophia - The Voice - EP artwork

Hyperdrive Records are back with their second release and we are spoilt with another carefully crafted VA. Since the record label launched last year, the vision has been clear. To celebrate an old school sound that several decades on, is still doing the business. The first release brought long awaited productions to the fore. The next offers a refresh of titles that were once available in the 90s, repressed and ready to go again.

“Rave Revival” EP does exactly as the name suggests. Thanks to label boss Seb G, each artist involved in the release can take a certain pleasure as their sounds are served up yet again. Revived from the depths of rave and ready to light up the dance floor once more.

Joining the head honcho this time around is Anthrophia, Dimension 23 and a welcome return from techno trio Centuras. For the premiere, we’ve taken the opening track, Anthrophia’s ‘The Voice’. And it doesn’t get much ravier than this.

Sirens sound a calling of readiness, as rough chords plough through a tingling intro. Conscious is personified by a determined voice – in no uncertain terms, this is your conscious speaking to you. And in no time at all, what becomes an overflow of energy begins to build.

First it’s the squidgy acid filling up the rhythm, led by a fidgeting melody that makes you want to move. It’s not long before powerful rave stabs kick in, those much associated sounds of the 90s that would dominate dance floors far and wide. Sirens become intermittent, but the commotion continues.

The half way point becomes all the more interesting. As the bassline strips back and the more poignant elements quieten, the focus becomes fixed on an infectious groove. It captures attention, and as the rest of the break ensues, careful attention is paid to settle it slowly before the big bang comes back in.

If you like old school rave, whether you were there or not, this is epitomising it. And there’s no doubt it could still cause carnage on the dance floor, several decades on.

Buy the record from Juno, on sale from today.

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