Premiere: B2 – Luis Malon & Seb.G – Revolución Genética [HPDVA001]

Luis Malon & Seb.G - Hyperdrive EP artwork

There’s a new label in town and we’re here to welcome it with open arms. Hyperdrive Records, which is the brainchild of Luis Malon & Seb.G, brings together a project born between well fixed collaborators. Both artists will feature on the label’s first release, a VA which promises to blend the old and the new.

Simply titled 2097, the VA has input from a range of artists, some of whom have been sitting on certain tracks since back in the 90s. Ripening with age, waiting for the right moment. That time is now and these old school feels come comfortably placed next to the freshly made.

Alongside the label heads, you’ll find Liquid Earth, Dan Piu, Freddy Fresh and Art Of The State, a project born from two parts of classic trio Centuras. These guys have played with a bunch of the best, the likes of The Prodigy, The Cure and the rest. Luis Malon & Seb.G have gathered a stand out selection of producers and the result is a varied EP with distinctive differences in sound.

‘Revolución Genética’ comes from the lads themselves. It’s a big bassline banger, lurring in the listener with a textured groove that gets packed out with punch. Spooky melodies drift in the futuristic, sounds of space drifting through pitch. Growling beat swallows into the break, primely placed claps above gentle pads.

But the beating heart of this track is the big juicy bass. As it whomps in and out, energies burst with it, only to be eaten back up again in a playful bounce between the soft and the hard.

Buy the record from, due for release 9th October.

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