Premiere: B1 – DOTT – Helper On Holidays [CPT006]

Jamahr and his Captea vinyl imprint is really starting to hit its stride and with us presenting the last EP which came from the bossman himself he already has the sixth edition already doing damage in the record stores and dancefloors. This time around it is the turn of Bangkok artist DOTT to take center stage and this real talent turns in three outrageous originals and a remix from Jamahr seals the deal.

Our focus from the EP is B1 track “Helper On Holidays” and from the opening bar it is clear which direction this is going to go. As upfront as the start of the track nothing can really prepare you for the grinding bassline that is slapped onto the already pumping soundtrack. Glitching drum fills adds even more spice to the mix as does the immensely wonky breakdown. B2 “Laidback Spacing” is a much more stripped back twilight jam, equally heavy hitting beats soon given way to a pitchblack breakdown and an outrageous bassline that soon meets the rest of the track head on for an all guns blazing assault on the dancefloor.

Over on side A, this is dedicated to track “Small Talks, Big Action” and the original uses some great vocal snips to punctuate the already bruising grooves. Big angular basslines are clearly a calling card for this EP and label head Jamahr takes the original track and turns it on its head to produce a much more upbeat and optimistic track. The playful bassline that now dacens its way throught he track is as infectious as they come but the track still retains the coo swagger of the original without going to far in another direction.

You can grab the EP from now.

There is also an outrageous bonus remix available via Bandcamp.

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