Premiere: A2 – Saktu – Untitled Space (Jamahr Remix) [SAKTU002]

Satku Records | Trommel Music

As we found in our review of the first Saktu release, Saktu Records is Heisenberg‘s sub-label and the newborn vinyl-only project of Aleksander Tsyrin, also known as Sasha Kaktus. Sasha told us the label’s philosophy and intentions were to release ‘analog, deep and raw’ records on 180gr wax.

The second release is a four-track EP titled ‘Untitled Space’ with two originals from Sasha himself and two remixes, one from Italian duo Jamahr and one from an old friend, Russian artist Anrilov.

A-side ‘Untitled Space’ has plenty going for it. Rolling drums dominate alongside a heavy blend of acid but it’s the remix from Italian duo Jamahr that is the star of this EP. Fresh off the back of their release on What NxT Records earlier this year, the emerging Italians deliver a fantastic rework that is a much more stripped back house track than the original. The rolling drums and acid vibes remain this time combining with warm synths to create a smooth yet groovy 4×4 dancefloor cut.

B-side ‘Ruki V Boki’ is slower, spacier and a little bit out there which is absolutely a good thing. It has a recurring whistle throughout, alongside 90s minimal kicks and clangs – there’s even a slight touch of breakbeat about it as it tamely drops. The Anrilov remix is totally different from the original. The Russian producer has added more drums and taken away the spacy elements, adding a creepier, voodoo approach.

You can listen to the full-length premiere of the Jamahr rework below on our Soundcloud. This one drops soon and is vinyl only. Pre-order on now to reserve your copy.

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