Premiere: A2 – Koloah – Drive In [AC009]

Today we’re having one of the most versatile artists, that was born in Ukraine. Still, most of his works usually don’t fit Trommel’s vibe, this release easily (ok, let’s say not THAT easily) does it. The name of the artist is Koloah (this time, you may also know him from his Voin Oruwu and Tropical Echobird aliases), and the landing spot is London/Edinburgh’s Alien Communications label.

Being mostly associated with techno and experimental music lately, Koloah (who can easily do house and all kinds of bass music too) merged these two inside this EP. He took the vibe from his techno side (because the tracks here are leaning into a broken structure), and combined it with the love for all kinds of experiments with structure and track build-up from his experimental side. ‘Drive In, our main one, starts with the broken rhythm and some electro elements (which are getting stirred away by breakbeats lately) and leaves us with that morning afterparty vibe. The track is closing the A-side on the release, and can also close your set perfectly.

‘Persian Haze’ – the opener of the release, also starts with breakbeats, but this time – with much heavier ones. Piano chords and epic background sirens are joining the party a bit later. ‘Don’t Mess Up’, another opener, this time of the B-side is taking us somewhere even gloomier with its heavy murmuring in the background. The last one, ‘Closer’ should also be considered a “morning track”. Just, maybe, not an afterparty one, just regular parties ending here.

Can’t rush you with the pre-order on this one, it seems, that you’ll need to wait for this dark and broken beauty. But nothing can protect you from doing some pre-order bookmarks for the future, right?

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