Premiere: A2 – CnA – Higher (SE62 Remix) [FYO003]

Find Your Own Records (what a lovely name for screaming into somebody’s face!) is ready with their third joint – this time made by Ceri and Alex Arnout, with the launch of their first collaboration under their new alias, CnA. And with just a tiny little help from SE62 for the remix – the man behind one of the calmest podcasts in our main series lately. Today we have the world exclusive premiere of the track from all three of them – we just didn’t want to miss anyone.

Young father SE62 jumped on the remix of “Higher” – the main track of the EP, with his nod into his hip-hop side, he loves to show just a bit and usually keeps it for his close friends. A very strong kick from the beginning, a rolling structure of percussion just a few moments later, lovely whistles… And, actually, that’s all we have. Another tool into the collection, with a feel of complexity after listening. And, by the way, it’s the vinyl-only track from this release.

The original version of “Higher” opens with a bang – the vocals do all the banging. Throughout the whole track we’re having a screaming background, that just grows and grows. With another lovely percussion roll and a lot of piano stabs. In comparison with the remix – this has much lighter kicks but the power of vocals does all the bigroom requests for this one.

Another track on the release is “Show Me What You Got” which closes the record – a piece of broken house that will turn your head into mayhem, and make you wanna dance. Really – For an eight-minute track, the minutes pass very quickly, a good sign for sure.

So, the release was supposed to be out in July, but as is often the case with Vinyl, – there were some pressing delays. September is the new date for this one – until that – you not only have SE62’s remix to preview here, but label owner Ceri has decided to release the first two previously vinyl-only releases digitally in the meantime, so you can save the links for FYO001, FYO002 and FYO003.

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