Premiere: A1 – Ori Raz – Arnold [LM001]

Liquid Memory Records, a new-born label based in Berlin, is releasing its first vinyl record – Liquid Memories EP with four ’90s-oriented tracks offering a full-scale rave experience, featuring Ori Raz & Elroi individually on the A-side, and their collaboration as Serenity Now on the B-side.

The record is already enjoying great recognition, with both A-side tracks being played at one of the finest Berlin’s hotspots: Panorama Bar. It has also gained large support from many artists including Roi Perez, David Elimelech, Carlos Valdes, fka.m4a.

Ori Raz is the co-founder and resident artist of Motivo Positivo, one of the most notable off-location parties in Tel Aviv’s underground scene, but also present in Europe with a new small branch in Berlin. They rent out empty spaces where they creatively work their magic and takes care of the full-event production including sound and beyond, gathering a strong community behind them and creating a special vibe at each event. Previous guests included: Chaos in the CBD, Vlada, Quest, Luca Lozano, Ryan Elliot, Ogazon, Paramida, Nick Höppner, THC, Roi Perez, David Elimelch, Gene On Earth, Sugar Free, Bell Towers, Cryptofauna, No Frills and many others more…

Looking up to his contribution to the release, we can find his solo production sitting on A1 and named “Arnold”: the track starts decisively, with strong breaks accompanied by alert sounds, transmitting to the listener an intense desire to dance right from the first minute. It keeps going with different types of energetic drums, maintaining an elevated tempo and energy up until the very end. Undoubtedly, it is a delightful choice to open the EP and definitely a track that will provide a great range of emotions when casted from a top-notch soundsystem.

On A2, Elroi provides “Recurring Dreams” and carries on the vibrant atmosphere of the first track with puzzling squeaks and a precise bassline, keeping the listener focused and animated.

Flipping over to B1 there is their first track together as Serenity Now. “Rhythmic Models” is changing the spirit and vibe of the EP adding dreamy pads and subtle percussions, followed by firm kick drums. Their second track of their project, Jorden Reverb on B2, follows a similar formula and is ending the tale with vibrant and elusive vocals.

The EP will be released on 24/02 and it can be currently pre-ordered on KMA60.

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