Premiere: A1 – LVCA & MARLON – The Duke’s Nuke [SOCK004]

Having made their debut on Sock It To Me on their ‘Hang Out With Your Computer’ EP back on SOCK002 LVCA & MARLON Lopez Holden have returned and this time they mean business. The 2 x 12″ album on Alec Falconer’s Ba Dum Tish sub label is going to really turn heads in a big way and all tracks on the album are spot on examples of the high tempo, funk fuelled house.

Kicking off with A1 ‘The Duke’s Nuke’ and there is no messing around and its straight to the task at hand and that is presenting the freshest bangers. Straight up raw off hat and snare flurries combine to lay the ground work for the spacey sounds and future retro house basslines. Packed to brim with chopped, warped and effected samples ‘The Duke’s Nuke’ is packed full of energy as is the rest of the album.

A2 ‘Seraphim’ is a tad deeper with acid lines and sublime synths being the crux of the track. Flipping over to B1 and ‘Lupita’s Garden’ heads down a melodic direction but still retains the trademark muscular house shell as does ‘Early Bird Gets The Wormy’ on B2.

Slipping C1 ‘Capitan Fantastico’ from the second sleeve and its back to business on the stripped down peak time house vibes. Gated vocals and filter synths combine to great effect here while C2 ‘The Grid’ see’s the pair bear their softer side even just for a moment before the beats and rounded basslines come crashing in again. Now at the business end of the album and D1 ‘Ibiza Sound Machine’ is rather quite mysterious and perhaps belies its title as little, or even just for a short while. The dark bassline and vocoded vocal’s point this in another direction the track is killer all the same. Album closer on D2 ‘Wobblegong’ and those stripped old school house vibes return to see out the album in fine style.

SOCK004 will be available shortly at Ba Dim Tish.

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