Premiere: A1 – Komponente / Kurilo – Millennium 2000 [TP004]

Today we have a piece from Kharkiv. Yes, THAT Kharkiv, the hometown of the Ukrainian dynamic duo of Komponente and Kurilo with their Trance Pandemic label, also the city on the frontier of the Russian/Ukrainian war. Living in a much calmer city in Ukraine, it’s really hard for me to imagine making any production plans there, in this case, it means nothing but honor and respect for the guys. Red and black colouring was changed to yellow and blue (the colors of the year), the music is still great. Let’s go check what will become an instant sold-out a few months later.

Starting with the A1, “Millennium 2000”, the perfectly balanced track on the edge of late evening house and early morning trance, with, probably, the finest bells you’ll hear on the dancefloors this year. If you have a forest near you, you better take this one in your headphones on a morning walk.

Not really much time for a pause since “James Webb” on the A2 will add just a tiny bobble of acid to that morning walk. Or maybe will even turn it into a run. Because, if A2 won’t do that, B1 definitely will. “Sonic.exe” has a little bigger amount of acid and a little bigger amount of juicy basslines here. With police sirens and birds’ tweets around. And if you need a second wind – you have “Avec”. Continuing our “morning run” theme – that will be definitely an aftershower. The perfect closing of the morning and the start of the day.

We have the whole record on our Youtube, don’t sleep on it. And not sure if you remember, but usually Trance Pandemic is a very quick guest on the shops, so don’t miss it after the pre-sale starts (already is started on Deejay).

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This article was written in Ukraine. Ukraine is in the middle of the war with Russia right now. Would be great if you could donate to the biggest Ukrainian volunteer fund here. Also, you can pick any music initiative, that is also trying to help from our list here. We’ll be stronger together.

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