Premiere: 2 – Panno – Da Feelin’ [MF005]

Standing out in the London underground is not an easy task, but one that Modern Funktion are taking care of with each carefully created event and release. Having welcomed a huge selection of home grown future heroes and established dons to their ranks, MF now return with their fifth release on their namesake label. This time around they have opted for a VA which bossman Phill de Janeiro heads up accompanied by family member Panno, J:Me, and Jude Lenhian. Read on for the scoop on all of the above.

We pick up the release with track 2 from Panno, “Da Feelin’” and there is plenty of that crammed into this bass heavy package. Designed to be a mid to peak time banger Panno has crafted an abyss like sub bass line and add to that an off beat rim shot and rattling hats and there is plenty to groove to. Delayed key stabs add just the right amount of musical elements to keep this stripped down in house music territory as does the timeless vocal sample. Be careful of your bass bins as this one will more than put them through their paces.

Heading back to the top of the VA and de Janeiro is also in fine form “Hype Funk” and from the first beat he means business. Complimenting the rolling beats is another timeless hip hop vocal sample and a more recent reworking from that man Traumer, but it’s all about the different use here that adds the magic. The sample use here is a respectful nod to the Frenchman and his sampling abilities also while making it his own.

Moving forward, J:Me pushes the BPM’s with “Shadowplay” and the finely distilled garage vibe is enhanced by the clipped snares, time stretched vocal and outrageous blown sub bassline. The elements may appear to be a cliche of sorts but when they are executed as well as this, there is more than enough room for this great updating.

Rounding out this fine VA is Jude Lenihan and the bass heavy “Ohm Bass”. Taking elements from garage, 90’s house, and turntablism this is a sublime swan song of the release and well worth a look when considering how best to blow up the dancefloor. As with their events there is zero filler here and everybody brings their A game here.

Modern Funktion are also in the final release of tickets for their biggest event yet where the will be taking over The Cause this Easter. They will be welcoming a massive cast of artists that includes Josh Baker, Ron Obvious (live), Jeremy Sylvester b2b Ella Knight, as well as a supporting team of artists found on this release.

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