System residents pair up for their first ever all night session at Mint Warehouse

System are gearing up to celebrate a 15-year strong residency with Leeds institution Mint. Ahead of this important milestone, its two main residents are coming together for an all night long session at Mint Warehouse. Right in between Christmas and New Year, on 29th December.

When it started back in 2007, System quickly became the ‘go-to’ event for a deeper shade of techno in a flourishing underground scene. Leeds clubs and events have come and gone over the years, in part thanks to changing tastes as well as redevelopments across the city. This particular in-house event series has however stayed true to its sound and System remains deep rooted in the scene.

From a monthly domination at the late, great Mint Club through to regular terrace takeovers at the larger Mint Warehouse, over the years System have hosted some of the biggest names in the minimal movement. Months would fly by with each edition eagerly anticipated, amidst a plethora of options for the dance. But it was System driving its own unique vision, thanks to regular attendance from the likes of Sven Vath, Loco Dice, Richie Hawtin, Sonja Moonear, Martin Buttrich and of course the sure-fire Mint favourite, Ricardo Villalobos.

Mint Warehouse main room - crowd under neon ceiling lights

Indeed, System were and continue to be the one’s bringing the titans to Leeds. But what really makes a night prosper is its residents. And they truly have a pair of the best. Both Annie Errez and Bobby O’Donnell have helmed the turntables from the very beginning. Setting the tone right before the aforementioned step up on the headline. The warmup is a fine art. It takes a certain control, crafting the start of a story in preparation for the main act. All the while building a momentum and gearing up the crowd.

Those of us who spent the best part of the 2010’s firmly rooted to the Mint Club floor can attest to the homely vibe that Bobby and Annie created. And they continue to do so at the ever-alive Mint Warehouse. Soundtracked by a blend of deep, fuzzy warmers, this is just the right side of minimal. Tracks of underground and unknown, decent yet inconspicuous. A slow bubbling energy priming the room, before the infamous neon lights of the Mint ceiling take hold.

This Friday will be the first time the pair have played back-to-back all night long (at least in a formal setting anyway). Expect deep digging across two very well curated back catalogues. Two different styles, with the same subject at the root. This is the unadulterated sound of Mint’s very own, System.

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Mint Warehouse Flyer - Bobby O Donnell and Annie Errez back to back all night long

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