Switzerland’s Legram Vinyl Garden are raising funds for their next location

Born from a shared passion of great music, vinyl culture and everything that comes with it, Legram VG was founded by friends Paul and Oscar with a vision to create a hub for people to connect and share the joy of music.

Initially started as a side project between two friends with a mutual vision, the project began to build a reputation for a quality, refined digging experience. Anaïs Liro soon came on board with her extensive musical knowledge and desire to create a comfortable environment where people can come to spend a few hours, enjoy their surroundings and discover great music.

The shop is located ‘in a very random place in Swizterland called Renens’ to quote themselves and this distant location is very much reflected in how the store is set up. With a plentiful number of listening stations, gentle lighting, sofas and a full stocked bar, getting lost for long periods is encouraged.

This ethos has nurtured a global community around the space with people travelling all over to connect with like minds in this corner of club culture. Oscar and Anaïs also play together as Legram VG. We featured a ‘digging deep’ overview of the project on our channels back in 2020.

After four years in their beloved space, the owners have now decided to demolish the space in order to build apartments in the area. This dreaded story is the case for many institutions in the margins of culture, forced out of their home due to gentrification and profits.

Legram VG has become an oasis of sorts for the community of vinyl lovers across the globe and to continue their vision, the crew is asking for some help. They have transformed their website into a fun-first crowdfunding campaign, attempting to raise money and keep the project alive.

Over on legramvg.com, you will find an array of ‘Phase 2’ products that can be purchased in aid of their mission. From t-shirts and tote bags to ‘turbo charged’ USBs filled with DJ edits, there is something for everyone that wishes to keep this passion project afloat. There is also the option to simply donate and join the community.

In their four years since inception, the hub has become a sacred place for many. A space to come to connect, meet new like-minded friends, discover music and enjoy a nice beverage. Their current space also hosts a small room downstairs where they have hosted the likes of Onur Ozer, DJ Masda and Binh to name a few.

Ahead of their official closure on December 31st, the store is liquidating all stock currently at their Switzerland base. Everything is on sale with massive discounts and the final digging dates have been announced. Your last chances to check out Legram VG’s original spot are the 3rd, 8th, 10th, 14th and 30th December.

The crew have also brought back their infamous ‘digger bags’. A stack of records picked at random, making for a unique vinyl purchase experience full of surprises. For more info on the project and how it all started, stay tuned on their social channels.

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