Snacks brings a taste of the underground to Pacha Ibiza every Wednesday

With several successful events already under their belt, the summer season for new party Snacks is well under way. The concept for this weekly Wednesday party from Pascal Moscheni may be new, but the location of the party is one that is certainly steeped in Ibizan folklore. Each and every week the destination for this small but perfectly formed party will take place in Pacha’s second room and the venue dating back to the early 80’s. The second room, known as Pachacha, offers the perfect balance between intimate straight up dancefloor action and the glitz that Pacha is world renowned for. 

Another reason that makes Pachacha so special is the fact that this was opened by Marlon Shader’s parents way back in 1982, for those that do not know Marlon, he is the driving force behind the heavenly Zanzibar hotspot Why? Not. With the advent of Snacks this was a chance for Pachacha to go full circle and welcome Marlon and Why? Not to the fold for the evening and for the occasion he brought with him Louison and JNJS. 

With a clear intent to deliver high grade music to the White Isle, a carefully curated artist team has been assembled for the season ahead and the depth and character is fitting of such a party. There will be a wealth of different sounds and shades of grooves on offer from Aline Umber, BSS, Charlotte, Dani Baughman, David Triana, Desiree Falessi, Dr Banana, Giammarco Orsini, JNJS, Johnny Rock, Lady B, Louison, Maxime DB, Morgan, Magda, Rakim Under, Liquid Earth, Melody, Momo Trosman, Pancratio, Pional, Simon De Kunivich, as well as there being events from French powerhouse outfit Yoyaku.

This week (June 12th) the honors fall to the trio of artists that is made up of head honcho Pascal Moscheni, Aline Umber, and Desiree Falessi and you can grab your tickets here.

More info on Snacks Ibiza

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