MUTEK.AE returns to the UAE with a two day program of digital creative and electronic music

After several years, multi-media and cross-discipline festival MICRO MUTEK.AE is set to return to Dubai. With the last edition coming back in 2018 the third expansive instalment aims to make up for lost time. Taking place on May 4th and 5th at the Emirates thriving arts hub of Alserkal Avenue, the Middle Eastern chapter of the Montreal festival will again collect together the region’s finest along with the best the world has to offer.

Since announcing that MICRO MUTEK.AE Edition 3 would be arriving back in Dubai, there has been much talk about who will be performing at the hugely impressive event. To really set the tone for the two day festival they have enrolled into their ranks two of the finest live artists and ambassadors for electronic music in Canadian studio genius Mathew Jonson and Japanese living legend Satoshi Tomiie aided by Kuniyuki & Manami Sakamoto. These artists need absolutely no introduction and with a raft of genre defining tracks safely locked up in music history they continue to push their craft to new heights. 

As well as the above top tier artists, there will also be a cast of supporting acts across the festival site that will incorporate traditional regional music as well as cutting edge electronics. This refreshingly regional slant to MICRO MUTEK.AE Edition 3 will be populated by 9T antiope, Bint Mbareh, Burnt Friedman & João Pais Filipe, Idlefon, Line Katcho, Salar Ansari Trio featuring Luis Resto and Pathe Jassi, The Twisted Tree, Stefana Fratila X Diana VanderMeulen, Peter Kirn, 404.Zero, Sebastien Schnabel & Mandibull, Tormoz x Lucky Lou, Cyrill Reaidy, Tarik Omar X Sukatoyo, Erika and Josh, Temp Illusion with Amir B Ash, Flabbergast – Vince and Guillaume, Guillaume Coutu Dumont – Les Empires, Metaract, Double Slit, Shoombufo, and lastly NSDOS. There are a lot of artists to get to grips with across the two days, but the MICRO MUTEK.AE Edition 3 website holds the keys to all the doors.

As impressive as these artists undoubtedly are, there is much more to get excited about at this year’s MICRO MUTEK.AE Edition 3. Over the two days there will be four areas to explore that will drench the ears, eyes, and mind in an audio / visual bubble bath. Art and technology are just as much at the core of Mutek as music and sound is and each lovingly curated event space will offer an unparalleled 360 experience. From The Fridge Warehouse which will house the weekend’s Play Series performances, to Hemisphere 141 where The Dome screenings and live performances will take place, and finally Concrete which will be the home of the blockbusting club based Nocturne events.

We wont give the game away just yet, but as well as the sonic and visual art on offer, each day there will be panel talks and the opportunity to gain fresh insight into the inner workings of the music industry. There will also be the chance to get your hands on the latest music tech with a view to nurturing and educating the talent of the future.

Early bird passports are now available from the MICRO MUTEK.AE Edition 3 website.

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