French collective SOL-R announces a two-stage showcase

With a portfolio filled with successful events under its belt, SOL-R has firmly established itself as a solid player in the French underground music scene. And this year, it is all set to make a stunning comeback with the fifth edition of its blissful La Crème SOL-R outdoor series on May 13th.

As is customary with the event series, there will be two distinctive stages, each with its own unique ambience and astral scenography. The Sun Stage, with its captivating serene atmosphere, promises to take music lovers on a mesmerizing house journey with the likes of The Ghost, Solal Reyes, EG (SOL-R), and Flogo. The Moon Stage, on the other hand, will offer a darker electro vibe with performances by Nicolas Lutz, Raphael Carrau, Oniysh, and Takirimatia (SOL-R).

And that’s not even all – in addition to the vibrant music, La Crème SOL-R will offer a host of other activities to keep festival-goers engaged and entertained. From shops selling funky merchandises and jewelry to food trucks offering a variety of delectable treats, there’s something for everyone there. Visitors can also try their hand at Molkky, Wheel of Fortune, and Pétanque, or simply relax and enjoy the animated atmosphere.

The venue for this highly anticipated event is none other than the enchanting Le Point Fort d’Aubervilliers, a cultural hub with a generous outdoor site, located right in the northeastern suburbs of Paris.

That being said, don’t make any other plans for the second weekend in May, and starting from 15:00 CEST, you can come and lose yourself in this electrifying adventure.

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