Circle Presents launches at The Goose with a night of guest produced music only 

Circle Presents may well be a new event in the London underground sphere but the minds behind it are no stranger to the finer side of electronic music. Born from a group chat where artists Azire, Kas, Olly Vanc, Ma Man have been sharing their unearthed musical gems with each other. Aptly named “The Circle”, would be where these lads would share all manner of music with each, but where their club night differs from others is their own creations. 

The ethos of this night is for each artist on the night to present their own unique sonic vision in the best possible environment (more on that later). Taking place at The Goose on Saturday, October 14th the night in its entirety will be dedicated to original music produced by each artist. Not something that is the norm nor remotely a regular occurrence, this speaks volumes of the skills that each artist possesses. It is fairly commonplace for a working producer to play a few of their own creations during a set, but a whole set from an artist unless performing live is rare. Even rarer, is a whole night dedicated to self created music.


Two artists that may be familiar to long time readers and London heads will be Azire and Kas. Having graced our pages a few years back with their “Tell Me” EP and since then they have gone on to become regular fixtures at the likes of Paravibe and Into The Woods. With both artists having a sound aloof their own they regularly combine on tracks such as their on point edit of Jamie Woon’s “Night Air” which we are sure is already a fine addition to any sunkissed set.

The connection between these artists deepens as the next artist to discuss is Olly Vanc and by way of his Ranura Records he has hosted music from both Azire and Kas. Olly himself is a certified hotshot producer also with many credits to his name which include Purism Wave, a 12” on Blind Vision Dubs, and of course on his beloved Ranura Records. Completing the team is well traveled artist Ma Man and with a long and storied love affair with music at his core the emotions that he weaves into his creations are truly captivating. Tripped out, dubby minimal is just some of many directions this man from BRasov can travel, make sure your along for the ride.

Special guest for this first event will be Eni and his Soundcloud profi;le is bursting with new music. If this is what he has shared then one can only guess what he has in his locker for his 100% own production performance. We spoke briefly about the venue for the evening in The Goose and this is a very special venue for such an event. With the acoustics having recently been tweaked and the booth moved to a more central location there is little doubt that the energy and love will surround the dancefloor from start to finish.

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