Thomas Stieler – On & On Ep (Maximiljan & Nick Beringer Remixes) [BVR009]

Blind Vision Records is a London based imprint with strong deep and underground roots , focusing on the dancefloor

Having started in 2016 with Juliche Hernandez’ Trash EP, followed by artists like Ivan Iacobucci, Tijn, Josh Baker, Outstrip, Miguel Puente , Acanalar, Katal, Nick Beringer and Manuel Sahagun, the label had a fantastic 2017, with five more vinyl release, which contributed in establishing it among the most prolific labels of the year.

Their last issue, BVR008, sees a Brit and Italian bond having Acanalar and Akyra on B and A sides respectively. Speaking with the head-honcho Alejo Galvez, it is immediately clear their willing to replicate the amazing 2017 they have had. That is why Thomas Stieler was booked for an two side 12” titled On & On, with Maximiljan and Nick Beringer on remix duties, one per side.

On A-side there is “Saw”, a fast-paced dreamy but energetic journey, and its remix from Maximiljan, more slow-paced, spacey and introspective. On the other side, we can find the track that gives the EP name, “On & On”, which is more vibrant and presents deep elements of interesting loops and vocals. Nick Beringer remix instead, present the perfect afterparty piece, with an industrial sound along with trippy vibes spread all along the track.

Four well-tailored tracks makes this EP fit almost every dj-bag.


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