Review: Unknown Artists – Autoroute Du Soleil EP [CYCLO-G28]


Cyclo-G28 launches its new project with a four tracker EP, “Autoroute Du Soleil EP”. Hand-stamped, unknown artist, vinyl only.

Cyclo-G28 kicks things off with “Autoroute Du Soleil” for the A1, featuring a good amount of stabs, followed by some punchy kicks. We then move onto some tech house vibes with “Vendredi” for the A2. Straight away, we’re hit with an infectious groovy, dubby bassline and distant vocals, sure to get anyone moving.

On the flipside, we kick things off with “Tournicoter” for the B1, in which we can find an addictive housey groove, accompanied by a variety of claps and hi-hats.

We finish off the EP with “Apparition” for the B2, in which the artist takes a different approach, beginning with a variety of trippy sounds and building up the pace with its minimalistic kicks.

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