Premiere: C1 – Tod Louie – Salacious D [DGSD004]

For the third chapter in Oslo based crew label Det Gode Selskab’s bass-heavy Jack’s Favourites” series, they have rounded up a seriously impressive array of artists. As with previous editions, DGS invite a collection of Norwegian artists as well as rising and established artists from around the world of underground house and techno. 

To kick off our deep drive into the Jack’s third edition we strap in for the pitch black “Salacious D” courtesy of DGS co-founder Tod Louie. Building the track up from core sonic elements, the EP opener builds a sinister soundscape before rib breaking claps thunder into view. Arpeggiating bass tones and room shaking synth stabs are soon joined on their journey with rasping acid wiggles, but it is not until the stuttering hats come wasping into the mix that the track really starts to build towards climax. 

With the perfect intro into the release still reverberating around our brain we move onto “Divine In Chile” from long time family friend Dandy Jack and this time he has brought with him The Third Leg for support. For those of you that caught Dandy Jack’s live set for our podcast series will recognise the sublime vocals as being one of the lushest moments of this mix. Not wishing to miss a beat or fail to cover any aspect of bass driven sound, Insectoscope has this area more than covered with “Huldu” and the dark garage 2-step action it absolutely nails.

Rub800 adds to this stepping motion with “Horror Heaven” and plumbs new depths with a tantalisingly balanced banger that sits somewhere between the murky depths and the highs of heaven. Clock Poets turn in a nicely twisted minimal brooder on “Talking With Ray” that runs with the deeper than sub bass ethos and adds to it a blown synth combination and raw hat motif. Completing the release is a fantastically rave focused breaks builder is “Parachute From The Dream” courtesy of The Mountain Range. Offering almost tangible tension, the release ends in much the same way that it began – in epic fashion. 

You can grab the digital VA from the label Bandcamp page now.

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