Premiere: B1 – Leo Christopher – Laidback [MURM001]

After a string of solid digital releases, Leo makes his mark in the world of wax as he lands a clean and finessed piece that’s sure to deliver from warmup sets, after hours and mainstage peak time. Technoid grooves are sprinkled with evident production prowess, housey flavours and creative concepts across both sides of his “Murmurations” EP. Very nice work from the London/Brighton based artist whose previous releases have seen him heard on the likes of Blind Vision Records, Habits Records, Zingiber Audio and more. Leo Christopher now lands correct as he delivers a hefty 4-tracker for his own Murmurations first vinyl outing.

We have decided to premiere “Laidback” which finds itself firing off the flipside of the release. Taking cues from the track title it hears warm and soothing pads culminate with a host of different influence, teasing some original old school touches, modern house motifs, all underpinned by a tight and infectious percussive body, allowing it fluidity across all hours of the night and morning.

B2. “Don’t Worry About It” lays on the groove heavy, as the vocals tell you to sit back and enjoy the ride, whilst luscious pads meander and crescendo adding that warmth and depth that really take this track along on its journey, some LFO-heavy noises interject and ameliorate the tale, acting as prompts strengthening an already tight narrative.

Kicking off the A-side is “Pequena” which sees pitched up vocal chops filling in between latin-inspired funkiness across the drums and stabs as the rest of the track hears alternate elements converge to deliver something quite different on the whole. A relentless and loose low-end bump really keeps this one interesting – one of those basslines that keeps you on your toes throughout.

“Tubby” rounds off the front of the record, bringing thick basses, tribal-influenced drums and tasty reverb choices, keeping the beats pumping and the ear intrigued across the duration.

A characteristic first output from Murmurations and some solid works from Leo Christopher, we await more from both with intent and excitement.

Grab your copy of MURM001 at Juno now. 

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