Premiere: B1 – Beneath Usual – Imagin’R [LMR004]

Beneath Usual - LMR004 record art

La Menace Records are back with the next vinyl release. The French label moves between wax and digital, recently distributing digital, featuring on our pages in November last year. It came out as a VA featuring a bunch of artists, including founder of the platform MLM (aka MaxLaMenace). Representation continues to grow wider, with another five producers lined up for the next record. We have the input from Beneath Usual on the premiere.

Beneath Usual is a project from Arnaud Levasseur. Over a number of years, the artist has been driving music on his own labels including Beneath Usual and SFX Recordings. Add to the roster Cyclic, Act Natural and Turn On Records and there’s plenty to go at under Beneath Usual alone. He opens the B side on LMR004.

‘Imagin’R’ is a deep house cut that begins with a soft chord sequence, setting the scene for the warm groover that follows. Bassline bops nicely, a rounded kick uplifting the dance. Percussion taps in simple motion, catchy but relaxed, in compliment to the delayed synth notes oozing gently around it.

Dub infuses the house sound, as French conversation takes the breakdown. The words speak lightly, a soothing speech that offers comfort whether or not you understand the language. As a whole, it’s a track full of feel good could quite easily be enjoyed warming up in the club or at home. All tracks on the EP compliment the rest, each sporting the niceties of the tender synth.

Buy the record from Chat-Noir Store, available from 9th September.

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