Premiere: A1 – Wired – You Name It [ER003]

It is with great pleasure we share with you a tasty slice off of the third output from German vinyl outfit ‘Endless Rotation’.

Trommel premieres the A1. ‘You Name It’ from incognito producer ‘Wired’ who brings a unique flavour and vibe to the table.

The title track hits the nail right on the head from the off as solid loops set context through endless repetition, permeated by a host of hypnotic murmurs and field recordings. A blissful pad emerges with an ethereal quality that cuts right through the loops and lifts the track straight to the clouds. Thoughtful sprinkles of vocal chops and modular style FX continue to give the track edge right up to the 4-minute mark where it takes a turn for the unexpected as a naughty little groove rears its head.

Fred Burne fills the A2. With a serious hot take on some classic sounds, flexing studio skills and the power of simplicity right here, fat beats that deliver some serious party heat.

‘You Name It’ sees itself reimagined on the B-side by the very capable hands of Vienna-based Paul Walter with some definite dancefloor action, forming a well-rounded and versatile EP suitable for all hours of the night and even some early morning afters action.

Going from strength to strength with each release, it would be wise to keep an eye on Endless Rotation as they push minimal house label as they push the sound from its heart and spiritual home Berlin.

You can buy the release from Black Round Twelve.

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