Premiere: A1 – Michael Melchner – Radical Utopia [BLOOP026]

If you haven’t noticed, Lisbon is blossoming into a jewel in the Euro scene and one of its main protagonists is bloop. Now in their 16th year of running events, the record label of the same name run by bossman Cruz has built up an untouchable standard in electro-leaning house and techno. Having celebrated last year with their 25th release featuring a sprawling double 12 inch collection that included tracks from Evan Baggs, Magazino, and that man Cruz. Bloop Recordings now return with their next release which has been penned by none other than Michael Melchner.

Picking up at the top of this release and A1 “Radical Utopia” wastes no time in getting to the point by way of a nicely tweaked 303 bassline and piercing snares. Offering a sweet contrast in styles is the repeating percussion line that is running in the background, synth hits cut through the mix with ease as does the muscular kick drum. Arping synths soon join the party to elevate this to room filling proportions and will surely make this a go to for the more peak time house DJ’s on the circuit, many of whom will pass through Lisbon on their way around the world.

Leaving side A, we head over to B1 where “Apparatus” is a totally different beast altogether. Ramping up the bpm, Melchner puts together a breakneck hybrid composition that benefits from a breaks motif as well as pumping 4/4 groove. Positively dripping in lush techno stylings, the mysterious synths and synth pads paint a curious picture that entrances without too much effort at all.

The EP is closed out with B2 “Calx” which switches things up again with an almighty sub bass and off kilter break beat that, like “Apparatus” sounds killer pitched up / down as much as it does as 0 pitch. “Calx” is a much darker outing for Melchner with pitch black soundscapes enveloping the mix and detuned toms giving an impactful punch to the gut. In much the same way as Leftfield pioneered this style in the 90’s, the combination of breaks, dub, and electronica is a killer formula for those late night sessions.

You can grab BLOOP026 exclusively from Carpet & Snares now.

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