Premiere: A1 – JJ Fortune – Dizzko [RIZZWAX003]

Born in Ireland, JJ Fortune now resides in Melbourne and has been showcasing music through Rizzwax, its digital sister-label Rizound, Pachinko records, DJing and throwing parties, stamping his mark on the scene out there. “Time & Space” will be landing soon, and with Subwax fulfilling distribution, it will be available in all good record stores. Set to do the damage late hours and “Dizzko” takes us right there from the off.

We share A1. “Dizzko” from JJ Fortune’s upcoming 4-tracker on Rizzwax, with this blistering slice of haunted, electro-tinged techno marking their third release. Label boss JJ takes to the helm once more continuing to push his blend of electro, techno and tech-house. This time round he takes to the big stage,  Deep, dark and hypnotic sounds combine as sweet nothings lead further into the groove, “Dizzko” leaves us dizzy and jacked with fat beats and unrelenting melodies driving into the middle of the night.

A2.“D.I. jazzz” hits hard, injecting spooked-out acid, swarming artefacts and pads that really bring that jazz trip. On the flip, title track “Time & Space” plays with classic themes and sounds, ushering in a retro-super-future anthem that hypnotises and charms like a snake. B2. “Satellites” takes a step back as low-slung grooves and tight percussion underpin conversations and cosmic waves that drip and bubble in a cryptic alien tongue.

Grab your copy here. 

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