Premiere: 3 – Anchoret – Brussels / Absynth (Ion Ludwig’s Dramatique Fille Vision Remix) [SOLARD49]

Fast approaching their landmark 50th release, Solar Phenomena Music prepares to unleash SOLARD49. Having moved to the digital realm back in 2018, they have maintained an impressive release schedule ever since.For the occasion the German label has brought in Anchoret for a pair of originals as well as a remix a piece from Martinou, and our pick of the release, Ion Ludwig’s big room rework. 

Having caught Ion Ludwig in main room mode back at last year’s VBX x Sunrise party at LOFI, which was probably one of the best clubs I experienced that long ADE weekend, his sets are powerful to put it mildly. He will reprise this slot when he returns this October for the duel outfit at The Dam’s newest funspot – Levenslang. 

This is exactly where we find the German maestro on this release. Here he dials in a proggy juggernaut of a delivery, a reimagining of both tracks on the EP titled “Brussels / Absynth”. As the remix title suggests there is plenty of drama to be unfurled throughout via Ion’s remix. His tough beats, coupled with the soaring strings, synth wapps and haunting piano strokes from Anchoret’s “Brussels” with the sheer airiness of “Absynth”.

There is a big nod to the trance friendly floors of years gone by, but the sound has been given a seriously meaty upgrade. This only adds to the euphoria that listening to the track on repeat will give and we highly suggest giving that a go. Where the original versions of these tracks let the musicality of the track do the work, Ludwig insists on keeping the floor on their toes with some nicely timed drops. We have a sneaking suspicion that at this year’s VBX x Sunrise party there will be a bit of a “moment” when the crowd connect with this version as he recreates it live. 

Completing the release is a respectful remix from Martinou who maintains the vibe of “Brussels” from the source material but strips things back to its fundamentals. With an almost homage to the brooding synths and pitch black bassline of Anchoret’s original, the intensity has been painstakingly etched into this track.

You can grab SOLARD49 from Anchoret from the label’s Bandcamp.

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