Premiere: 2 – Baher – Cycles Of Change [DN001]

From the mind of Egyptian artist Baher comes a brand-new label Departing Neverland. Having provided many top moments from his long running, Cairo based label Rakete since 2020, Baher now explores a new direction. Launching with a 3 track EP ‘Departing Neverland Vol. 1’ from Baher himself that offers equal parts nostalgia and hints of the future.

Sitting in the middle of the EP, ‘Cycles of Change’ stays true to its namesake and is heady combination of ringing bells, epic stringed synths and bounding basslines. The peak time vibe of the slamming beats hits a bitter sweet note alongside the retro stabs that arrive later on in the track.

Circling back to the beginning of the EP and ‘Impossiblé, Invincib­lé’ is also a peak time banger with more of the bells that made ‘Cycles of Change’ so alluring. This time around Baher sprinkles in a dashing of wiggling acid synths and roomy percussion. Completing the release is ‘Dancing With You’ and along a different tact but still maintaining the delicious energy that Baher has displayed through this release. The scaling bassline and bleepy synths help ‘Dancing With U’ to sit somewhere between a disco banger and peak time house weapon and it offers the perfect ending to Departing Neverland’s first release.

You can now pre-order DN001 via Departing Neverland’s Bandcamp page.

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