Premiere: 1 – F.R.E.D.Y. – Jesus Among the Reeds [SCR005]

Inspired by the impact that the Bakalao Route of Valencia had on F.R.E.D.Y., his own experiences DJing at the world renowned Barraca club, trips with his friends or through his documentaries and series. In addition to his passion for rice, paella is his favorite food. The remix was the result of the discovery of the artist Ildec at the Días de Campo festival and his acceptance of the project. The rest, as they say, is history as well as being Sucre Discos’ fifth release from label owner F.R.E.D.Y.

Blasting off on Sucre Discos’ fifth trip is “Jesus Among the Reeds” and this track is biblical from the outset. An acid bassline is straight of the trap, running alongside is a looped pad that stutters in the background while the euphoric synths sore overhead. Moving on to “La Danzamania” and the vibe stays firmly rooted in the peak hours of the dancefloor. With a nod to house music of old and with a subtle rave stab just before the main drop there is more than enough to quench any ravers thirst.

Next is “Rice” which also has just the right balance between euphoria and pumping dancefloor moments. Rounded basslines combine with zapping acid synth stabs and something akin to a bass guitar. This adds a real sense of grit to “Rice” and allows the ear the really invest in the adventure. Closing up proceedings is well documented remix from man of the moment Ildec. His reworking of “Rice” is a much smoother affair than perhaps some of his other releases with them favouring a more electro route. This is however where Ildec excels as he introduces the fantastically crafted basslines that he is so well known for.

You can buy SCR005 from the label Bandcamp page.

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