Premiere: B2 – Sraps – Knight Session [SRAPSPROJECT001]

Sraps Project - record artwork

Lausanne local Sraps announces an exciting new project that aims to introduce a unique blend of music and data art. Together with his brother, Sraps offers up three original tracks of music, whilst his partner in the project takes care of the physical artistic takeaway.

The first instalment of the Sraps Project will be be split in its vinyl release. 100 copies receive a certain special treatment. Each record comes with its own unique slice of data art, meaning not one copy will be one in the same. The individual art pieces will be accessible via a code, each piece special in its own right. A faultless execution, combining music and art.

We’ve taken ‘Knight Session’ for the premiere. An elegant opening breathes a trickled snare, rattling softly into the musical dimension. Patter fades into a warming hum – if it wasn’t for the impending kick, you might just drift off with it. As the drums hit harder, the story begins to take shape, paved by a melodic sequence lifting the highs.

This is a track that moves in waves, building and growing, before stepping back down to the smooth. Atmospheric and concentrated, it’s almost half way through by the time the bigger beats hit. This tasteful ode to the acid although relatively short in length, brings a spacious sound next to a burst of energy. Perfect tackle for the party.

Pre-order the record from Bandcamp now. Whilst the record itself won’t be ready until 13th October, you can already get your hands on one digital track from the B side.

More info on Sraps
SoundCloud | Instagram | Bandcamp

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