Premiere: B2 – Salmanazar – Last Night [CAPYVA001]

Another label with its first release and premiere on Trommel. Kinda like a tradition, right? This time we’re looking into the beginning of the story of Capybara Music. Its first installment features Sasha Pervukhin, Varhat, Amadeo, and Salmanazar. And if you want to know, why we picked the last one from that bunch…

…it’s always because of the track. “Last Night” is another example of what you can do with delicacy, not banging. Perfect bassline, sexy vocals, and… That’s it, spread it to 7 minutes (almost), add some additional goodies and this perfection will be ready to be distributed to the best dancefloors.

“Alright” by Varhat is a bit more minimalistic take, still with his signature rollings. The golden age of that French minimal. “Faces” by Amadeo also does a great job on the dancefloors, being moderately aggressive, but again, nothing critical here.

And, of course, “Oh No” by Sasha Pervukhin. The track, that was ready in 2019, and waited for its moment until the end of 2023. Rough, banging, what’s not to like? Literal transfer to another era, where parties in Ukraine looked like this (and also check the writing “will be on vinyl SOON”, hehe. Who knew, right?)

The launch of the label is planned for the end of this year, but the pre-orders are already waiting for you at Juno, Deejay, Yoyaku or any other good record store. Don’t sleep!

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