Premiere: B2 – Flipper – Pretepacina [CONNECTIONS01]

Lirica Archives distro is ready with another new label in their roster (sometimes it feels like they’re always dropping something new on top of what they’ve already got going on). This is the first vinyl release of the Connections crew and their freshest member, Flipper. They’re hyping us up for some warm and fuzzy tracks alongside the heavy driving bombs. Let’s dive into it.

“Pretepacina,” our main one for today is one of those “bombs” we mentioned earlier. Massive echoes, slow build-up, killing basslines alongside happy chords.  That’s pretty much the whole track summed up in one sentence – but man, does it all come together perfectly!

Staying on the B-side, we’ve got “Crème De La Crème,” a harder-hitting example of a bomb. Less than 5 minutes of heavy kicks and buzzing basslines, everything, that you loved in a good almostelectro-house track. The last track on the record, “Blackilight,” nails its outro job perfectly. Still, I can totally picture many DJs regularly playing it – and that’s my favorite kind of outros, as you probably already know.

“Urek’s Techno Shoes,” the opener, kicks off with mellow robotic voices (think Charonne’s latest tracks) and then evolves into something very funky and jumpy. Perfect, right? “Funkflip” just adds some extra funkiness and synths, in case you missed that vibe on the A1 track.

The release is already up on the pre-sale on the Lirica Archives page, so go ahead and grab it!

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