Premiere: B1 – Nathan Boost – Pick The Pocket [HOTBOX001]

Get ready for some new names, because today we’re celebrating the inaugural release from the Antwerp-based crew, Hotbox. The label, also named Hotbox, presents its first release featuring a fantastic quartet of Various Artists.

Our pick for today among these four tracks is “Pick The Pocket” by Nathan Boost. Starting off as a slow roller, it transforms into a modern house perfection for the dancefloor, especially as it hits the middle. Absolutely love it – just like the recent premiere of Revivis – a delicate banger, I would describe it that way.

Moving forward on the B-side, we have “Spooky Seasoning” by Pistaccio – a short and mellow piece of wobbling house, to be honest – I’m not a fan, but on a proper sound system, those wobbles should be tested at least one more time, just for curiosity. The A-side kicks off with “Replicate” by Maikee – something on the edge of a progressive tune with some trance elements we always enjoy in a crowd. The last track is “Computer Beep Testing” by Mtty, and you’re either going to love it from the first second or not. A great ravey and minimalistic house tune; I can’t say much more about it.

The pre-sale will start very soon, so you better check their Bandcamp page. I think we’re having one more interesting label for the future here.

More info on Nathan Boost
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More info on Hotbox
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