Premiere: B1 – Make A Dance – Woof Doof [GOTT08]

Make A Dance, the duo from London is ready to land on Gottwax, and we’re excited. The first reason is that we know them already, and that’s some great news. The second one – we heard the track…

…and it’s straight fire!! “Woof Doof” was played at least a hundred times in the last few months, whenever I could hit play. Still didn’t annoy. Its kinda goofy mood, a perfectly made bassline from the beginning, that mayhem echoes before the drop, and the melody, that will live in your head rent-free for the end of the summer. Easily my favorite one from Make A Dance and in the history of Gottwax.

But if you somehow get tired of that coolness, here’s more – first there’s “Hardcore Labradore Mix”, designed to crash all the biggest rooms on the scene. “Pocket Beagle” is a bit lighter version of a banger than our main premiere, but it has the same atmosphere inside. And “Acid Dub” version of this track works just it has to – vocals are on minimum, and acid stuff is being put to the max.

I already said that I LOVE this record, so the last thing I can do today is send you to the stores. Juno, Deejay, and Bandcamp are already waiting for you.

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