Premiere: B1 – Lucas – Really… [ANGATU001]

Angatu – as they say – a “Brazilian label based in Lisbon,” is gearing up for its inaugural release packed with interesting stuff. This six-pack, curated by various artists, has already piqued our interest, and we snagged a track from the artist who’s also debuting his vinyl release, how cool is that?

Lucas entirely dominates the B-side. Starting with “Really…,” it’s almost a perfect tool, full of mesmerizing percussions (and almost nothing more). You could loop it for hours while you work, and trust me, you won’t tire of its sound. “New User” delves into the modern dark house realm, with its spooky vibes from a horror movie opening. And wrapping up the record, “2nd” takes the tool concept from B1 and transforms it into a stripped-down banger with a dash of that Hot Mix 5 vibe.

But let’s not overlook the others. The record kicks off with two bombs from Minority Retort. “Typebeat” is a slow yet potent piece of electro house, while “Global Curve” amps up the energy, staying true to the electro house territory. Criminal Issues and his track “Nxt2Me” lets the vocals take you straight to classic Chicago house vibes (but not quite how you’d expect), perfectly complemented by the beat. One of my favorite picks here.

So, if you’re thinking about grabbing this record – you’re in for a bunch of great tracks from a label that seems like it’s here to stay. Deejay, Decks and Phonica are already waiting for your order.

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