Premiere: B1 – Love Ensemble – Royal Wedding [APRH003]

It’s not often you come across a quintet of musical minds in a production. Five artists each injecting a bit of their own to create a rather large collaboration. Swiss based label Apér’House has provided the platform for exactly that. Two duos Horsemen and Nephews and said label boss Dimsum all took off to work on a four track EP, deep in the woods of Brandenburg, Germany. The result is a collection of raw house numbers from a quintet called Love Ensemble, to form Apér’House first vinyl EP format.

Royal Wedding is full of warmth from the off. A deep, bobbling bassline provides the groove throughout, whilst warm keys dance high notes in true house fashion giving an old school deep house feel that could take us back to the earlier days of the genre. Several breakdowns provide centre stage to the British Royal Wedding priest who gives us a rendition of his understanding of the power of love, while the hi hat provides the swing, cleverly removed from time to time defining moments that accentuate the dance.

Love Ensemble is still a relatively new group, founded towards the end of 2018, though it hasn’t taken them long to produce and release their first record. More is to be expected from the quintet as we move forward, with parties continuing in Berlin and Amsterdam, at IPSE and Friends With Benefits respectively.

Buy the record at or Juno. Early support comes from Black Loops, Carlo, Flabaire and Harrison BDP.

More info on Love Ensemble
Facebook | Soundcloud

More info on Apér’House
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