Premiere: B1 – Emi Ömar – Doom Mouv [MMBT004]

Emi Ömar continues a prolific streak of form with a four track EP for the vinyl imprint Momo’s Basement.

The Parisian producer has seen the fruits of his workhorse efforts, pimping out versatile and captivating tracks for the likes of Kiku Records and Distant Waters.

His sound toes the line between old and new, taking influence from the likes of the 80s playful vocoder vibes and retro video game soundtracks.

The four tracks for Momo’s basement are full of life, bouncing between garagey percussion and growly, peak-time baselines; there is something for every party on this record. Tight 4/4 rhythms bring a driving vibe to the A-side, while the flip taps into a breaky influence. You can picture these sleazy weapons setting France’s Nostromo Festival on fire.

Harnessing that lush, hedonistic vibe common with many of France’s leading producers, you can hear the healthy appetite for a party which makes their scene so intriguing.

Our pick is the B1, ‘Doom Mouv’. Although it’s only just over four minutes in length, this breakbeat weapon packs a hefty punch. A squelchy bassline tears the bottom end in two, sliding between sultry percussion and sea of classic synths shimmering overhead.

It’s the more laid back pick of the four, casting a subtle energy that would comfortably bring in a sunrise after party just as much as get the party rocking early doors. Emi Ömar’s productions are growing in appeal and are sure to light up many dance floors in the coming months.

The Paris based label and production studio Momo’s Basement is becoming one to watch in this space of contemporary club cuts. Precious releases have been very well received through their Subwax distribution, presenting several artists close to the collective in Mohia, JL and Takadoum.

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