Premiere: A2 – Roberto Manolio – Distraction [CML01]

Roberto Manolio starts a new label project with a diverse five-track solo EP.

The Turin-based producer has been slowly surfacing with several releases for the likes of Nugs On Board, as well as sneaky white labels finding their way into the bags of many selectors.

Cosmological Record is a passion-fueled project born from the shades of experimental and expressive end of dance music, driven to combine influence from the past with the sound of today.

You can hear inspiration drawn from punk and new wave styles, brimming with menace and a sultry energy that comes to life on the dance floor. The premiered ‘Distraction‘ dives into the sleazy moods of the Italian artist, raw drum machine beats slither around sultry female vocals touching on the art of seduction. You can definitely imagine Francesco Del Garda tearing up the floor with this weapon.

There is an evident influence from the 80s with that infectious snare drum central to much of new wave and post-punk circles that Italy has a deep connection to. Combine that with a massive grumbling bassline and the grit of analogue machines and we have ourselves a nasty weapon for the bag.

Atmospheres meander through a range of influences throughout the five tracks. IDM-inspired rhythms open the record with the intriguing ‘Intro Naturale‘ strapped with that same punky, up-for-it vibe, albeit more within an ambient and atmospheric realm. ‘I Need Ya’ channels more of the sultry energy with a devilish charm. Massive synth lines squirm between one of the heaviest kick drums you may have heard in a while.

The B-side opens up the acid flavours with a mean and lean cut aptly titled ‘Driving Force‘. Beats take on a more bounce and lively flavour, opening up the many layers behind the productions of Roberto Manolio.

Closing things out on an emotive tip, the acid-laced ‘Emotional Release‘ pulls on the heartstrings with luscious pads and more refined, plucky drum beats. The inaugural release of this project is an exciting window into the craft of this Italian producer and we can be sure to expect much more to come.

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More info on Cosmological Record
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