Premiere: A2 – Maggio – Just Landed [CPSLS001PART1]

Italian groove machine and outrageously on point dream factory After Caposile have recently elevated themselves to mecca-like status in the world underground. From their all day, long Sunday sessions both in the garden and inside their spaceship of a club space, the lush sunkissed soundtrack has become a gold standard in minimal house. To celebrate, The Venice crew have programmed and outstanding two-part manifesto and part one is a bold statement in their lineage. Featuring tracks from Super Moon, Maggio, Yaar Ku, and Silat Beksi take it from us you do not want to miss out on either edition.

Our dive in to the first part of the VA starts with A2 slab of sun “Just Landed” and this is an absolute shoe in for a garden anthem if ever there was one. A spritlely bassline licks along at a cracking rate while shimmering synths dance playful overhead. In his own words Maggio explains the remit for his inclusion to the release, “I remember the conversation I had with Mattia Cuenca before I started this record…Maggio I plan to do a various artist for Caposile Music with world class artists, can you prepare something that is in line with my idea? you have 2 weeks left“. With only a fortnight to turn his record around Maggio has crafted an absolutely huge record, “The conversation went more or less like this… it was a good challenge because the time was short and the style was a bit different than my usual, but I’m proud of the work I did! The idea started from a tour of organ heard from a 90s record, from there the bassline and the rest came itself… Pleased to introduce “Just Landed“.

Also on the A side of the VA’s part one is the cropped, sub machine “I Can Help” from Super Moon aka Arapu and Priku. The undulating sub tones and reversed percussion crafted by these two dons and After Caposile regulars is also tailor made for groove lead action taking place out in the garden. Flipping over and club resident Yaar Ku more than got the memo with the timeless “Wuisper”. Vocoded vocals, gnarly synths and pin point drums project the lush rolling vibes that have become the calling card of the club. Ukrainian hotshot Silat Beksi is given the task of closing this edition of Caposile Records with “Jaho”. With the club going from strength to strength in so many amazing ways their imprint begins to really show what it is capable of.

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