Premiere: A2 – Curlyheads – Otter [SHSH002]

New Parisian label Shíshú launches their second release with a mysterious French duo named Curlyheads. Who knows who’s behind both the label or the pseudonym, it actually doesn’t really matter as at the end, the music speaks for itself, and it sure is some good one.

Miru Miru EP is a four tracker banger of energetic vibes, breakbeat inspired, with touches of softness. As this one promises to make some noise and some people dance, you might very much hear it on the dance floors of festivals this summer.

We’re premiering the A2 of the record, ‘Otter’, which is a piece largely led by an airy breakbeat kick. Curlyheads slowly builds the track, inviting new sonorities to the composition such as spacial beats and synthesizer touches. As the kick remains the basic foundation into which all other sounds will squeeze, the track is becoming more and more rich and textured, until it reaches the climax point: the kick is out, leaving space for other beats to thrive, to lead us into the stars.

Shíshú, which means child in Sanskrit (an Indo-European language), “gives way to the innocence of tastes when we are young,” says the heads behind the label. For their first release, they featured French artist Stellae with ‘Marius’ EP.

Second release of the label is out now, and is available on your usuals buying websites. SHSH002 comes with one exclusive digital track on Bandcamp: Miru Miru dub version.

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