Premiere: A2 – Arkady Antsyrev – Don’t Stop Moving [CHCH01]

Dutch label Chippy Chasers based in The Hague present their first vinyl release featuring Arkady Antsyrev. The EP contains a magnificent blend of minimal house and energizing garage patterns that would hype up any dancefloor.

We have picked up the release with “Don’t Stop Moving” on side A2 as our selected premiere. A pulsating minimal tune with jazzy touches that utlises a deep throbbing double bass. There is no denying the hypnotic, yet insistent rhythmic drums that run throughout its duration, and of course the snappy vocal cuts that insert themselves for maximum impact. We can easily imagine this splendid jam being played on a warm summer evening at an outdoor beach event, while the sun goes down slowly into the sea.

“Sleepy Coffee Pot” on side A1 is slightly different beast and the hollow percussion clicks and whirrs in some interesting spaces and places. While the drums keep the track moving at a satisfying pace the background electronics in the form of the airy pads and clipped vocal samples. It’s elegant percussions and avant-garde samples, awakening the senses of the listener and leaving it with the feeling that you can’t get enough of it. Replays are a must to get your fill of this track.

Flipping over to B1 and “The Last Slice of Pizza” brings to our ears a truly refined collection of hypnotic guitar licks that evoke a distinctive memorable flavor. Sony Synth’s remix of “Don’t Stop Moving” on side B2 comes with an old-school approach but with a new and invigorated energy that that recalls forgotten memories with ease. There is little doubt that hearing this during a set will fill the room with smiles.

You can get your limited edition copy of Don’t Stop Moving by pre-ordering it on Bandcamp,, and Triple Vision Store.

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