Premiere: A1 – NK – Laser Verde [BB02]

Member of the IWOU crew and Sonartek, Italian producer NK aka Niki Ilb is back with a new release for Bebop Records. 

He co-created the Bebop label alongside longterm friend and collaborator Miki a year ago as he was coming with new music productions. As he sent them to Miki, they came up with the idea of a new label to release those last tracks. The name Bebop then arose from the strong jazz contamination Niki’s music has.

As Bebop 001 was a strong break piece with a less club-oriented mood, they decided to go with some tracks for the club for the second record. Bebop 002 is a four-tracker EP that resonates between deep and dark, groovy and energised. Most of the tracks were recorded last summer, during the post-covid period and re-openings of clubs and parties.

‘Laser Verde’ opens up the EP with a strong and energetic kick, still very much jazz influenced. As Niki brings a smooth melody on top of it, written with an Elektron FM synth, the atmosphere becomes more and more mystical. “I felt the emotion as I was starting to write this melody,” says Niki. It is after having tested the tracks on the crowd of a club through Miki’s sets that Niki finished them all, “and the result is what we listen now.”

The EP is available on all your favourite digging websites, and very probably in your local record shop.

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