Premiere: A1 – MP aka Mihai Popescu – Do Wattcha Feeel [PURISM6]

Silky house from a master of the groove.

Delicate and slick, Mihai Popescu delivers an addictive slice of minimal house. Known for his blissful vocal led dynamic, the simplistic nature of Popescu’s sound allows rhythm to breathe. Do Wattcha Feeel is led by an inviting bassline, weaving in unison with a playful vocal sample littered in and out of the mix.

Leaving the core elements to carry the rhythm, a patient, fluid groove acts as an anchor central to the track, a brave technique typical of the minimal sound.

It’s loopy essence makes for a unique listening experience. Settling on a simplistic drum pattern seeks a hypnotic effect, getting lost in the intricate, subtle details oozed across the mix, tripping over a clever, mesmeric arrangement. Crisp hats rise and fall throughout, revealing refined percussions buried in the depths whilst glossy chords glisten overhead.

Mihai Popescu is no stranger to the minimal house scene, previously working with Raresh’s Metereze, iO’s Mulen Records as well as managing his own Soulsity imprint, Popescu’s music has been circling for years.

Do Watcha Feeel is the opening track of the forthcoming ‘All The Good Things’ EP which marks his 14th solo release under the MP moniker and the fifth instalment of Enrico Mantini’s PURISM project.

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Mihai Popescu

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