Premiere: A1 – Joking Sphinx – Rainbow Nation [MS01]

For the first time on our website, we’re welcoming the newly established side label of Lumbago under the name of Metallic States. For their inaugural release, they’ve decided to bring a legend of Goa trance (imagine that on Trommel a few years ago, right?) Joking Sphinx with two gems from his 1996-1997 archives. Sounds juicy already.

The massive, 12-minute opener of the record, called “Rainbow Nation” takes us on some sort of a cinematic trip. Slowly opening with that almost Halloween-like intro, it adds all the ingredients one by one during these 12 minutes. The first three minutes could be taken as that kind of intro, and after the first vocals, you’ll finally dance at full speed. The full speed here is not that big, by the way, only 125 BPM. But, you still need some energy for those 12 minutes, right? Especially, when the most interesting stuff is happening after the first half of the track (these burrps!).

“Chasing Invisible Man (12” Edit)” on the other side of the record will tell you its name at the very beginning. A bit busier track is taking its pace back here and spreading it equally for 8 minutes. To be quick here – the sound is so modern and recognizable, I can’t believe the track is over 25 years old. Easy timeless call.

So, the label is definitely here to stay. The pre-orders are already waiting for your click. On Juno, Deejay or Lumbago’s Bandcamp, for example. Don’t miss it!

More information about Metallic States
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More information about Joking Sphinx

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