Premiere: A1 – Ferro – Drareg [FASTEN14]

VBX artist and Spokenn member Ferro is in unstoppable form at the moment. From his show-stopping set alongside Christian AB at the recent VBX after hours at the top of the A’dam Tower or his performance at the recent VBX and SlapFunk faceoff on New Year’s Day this Amsterdamer is on an upward trajectory that should be watched closely.

The next addition to this rising star’s story is his upcoming release on Tokyo / London label Fasten Musique Concrete and Ferro’s ‘Out of Me’ EP is a great snapshot of his current sound. Picking up on A1 with ‘Drareg’ which for the majority is equal parts noisy machine funk and lush paddy sweetness. With a bit of a tip of the cap to Underworld’s Karl Hyde seemingly random musings but this time it is a non-plus female offering the unrelated commentary over the top of the interesting whirring and hardware led beats. Some neat drops, breaks and off-kilter drum programming really help to throw the ear off of anything resembling a straight forward track which is, of course, the aim of the game.

A2 ‘Blackdog’ is a much more minimal affair with muted percussion and shuffling hats doing much of the heavy lifting. This is backed up by a gnarly deep bassline keeping things dark and driving. Flipping over to Ferro Lightens things up a bit more with ‘Smart Bob’ making great use of a super deep undulating bassline that would do some serious damage on bigger sound systems that are capable of revealing the full force of that bassline. This is contrasted slightly by a wind-shaped FX which whips straight through the middle of the track. All tracks are quite different from each other and so the culmination is a well-rounded release with ‘Drareg’ being our pick of the release.

You can register for the pre-order of Ferro’s ‘Out of Me’ EP now at

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