Premiere: A1 – Aniano – Cielo Drive [CCR001]

A new label straight from Canary Islands, Circulo Cerrado is bringing us the name of Aniano. Remember “Risas Y Fiests”? Seems, like it was millions of years ago. But, anyway, we’re having four more tracks from him here and were also promised some nods to Morgan Geist – one of the producers who influenced him. Let’s check if that’s true.

Finally, we’re starting the proper review. From the beginning. From the A1, I mean. “Cielo Drive”, today’s main one, is the opener of the record and I thought that it’s also the most interesting one. A delicate stomper with that semi-dark aesthetic and kind of discordant melodies, that somehow still sounds perfect despite you thinking it shouldn’t. The bassline also does its job perfectly, doesn’t even think about leaving with the melody one on one.

“Empezar De Caro (Teatro Mix)” is continuing the record with the same mood, maybe just being even a little bit more delicate, replacing those melodies from the first track with a few more pinches of dark vibes. One more tip – a bubbling bassline is stealing the show near the end, that’s a warning for you.

“Al Filo De La Medianoche” is a very pacey opener of the B-side. This time we’re jumping into Progressive House County. Close your eyes – and it’s mid 00s Croydon. Open them again – and you’re on Canary Islands. My second favorite track on this release. And the last one here is “Universo Hostil” – another nice nod to the sounds from the past. This time maybe just a bit more into the deep/tech category. And I must say – just nod, there is plenty of stuff hiding inside the track, that won’t put you in the time machine completely.

That’s it – you know how I’m always happy to see new labels starting their journey. The best way to support the guy is to run to your tab with Juno, Deejay or One Eye Witness. And, I think, you’ll figure it out for yourself there.

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