Premiere: 5 – Larry – Boompt [REST006]

Barcelona crew Restless Music have been making their way through the club highlights of their home city and they have a long list of top nights under their belts. To celebrate two years in the game they have put together a nicely weighted VA that covers a lot of ground across the eight tracks.

Our focus tracks today is the old skool breaks of Larry’s “Boompt” and while the source material may be rooted in hip hop of old, this one is for the floor. The solid kicks, undulating sub bass and percussion loops are the bedrock for this track while the vintage rhymes and raps are expertly sewn together to create a new take on hip house. 

Elsewhere on this celebratory VA is a range of different vibes and moods with the first half of the VA centers around groove heavy minimal. Alffie’s “Yabai” kicks things off with a loopy yet soulful tool that presents a heady mix of Spanish and almost Asian themes throughout. Next is Andres Louzao and “Caminar sin Compañia” and again there is almost tangible Spanish connection via the sultry female vocal. Following closely behind is Restless crew member caye. and “It Was Just a Dream” and the soothing atmosphere is opposed sweetly by the probing bassline and slick percussion.

Hitting the halfway mark in the release is Chichöl ” and “Adu Mon”, energy levels are ramped up considerably here by way of the live drum licks and upfront percussion. Following this up is Meeks’ “Only For Kisses” and the dubby nature of the track really suits the interjections from the mystery woman. Phillipe Liard presents “Morning Instant” which does exactly what it says on the tin, a super deep minimal workout. Completing the release is from SIMONN and “Nuevo Mundo” sits much better alongside the breaks of “Boompt” but most definitely goes a different route. Similar in the broken beats but this is a much more subdued avenue but still as impressive.

You can buy the release from Restless Music Bandcamp page.

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