Premiere: 2 – Tanez Rei – Vicario B [TDR013]

Puerto Rican DJ and producer Tanez Rei brings to light his latest digital release ”Vicario”, featured on TDR013 EP featuring four remixes by Philip Rivera, madian, Roldan, and his own reinterpretation – the B version, under The Den Records label, based in San Juan.

The main track of the day is ‘Vicario B’, an exquisite minimal piece that starts with a linear bassline, squeaky and electrifying synths that flow symmetrically, and as the track progresses, more thrilling sounds emerge, shaping the melodic line gradually. Mysterious vocals come in waves throughout the track and transcend along with the beat, adding weight and contour to the release, making it an ideal party starter.

‘Vicario A’, the original version has a precise structure and playful background snares, that complement the soaring vocals, creating an uplifting listening experience.

Rivera’s remix of title track ‘Vicario’ changes the narrative with a melodic loop, followed by a defined tech-house bassline. Moving on to 4 – madian’s remix has a dark touch on the track and bold drums that transform “Vicario” into a trippy energy booster, ensuring the vibe remains alive and energetic throughout the entire track.

Finally, the fifth track from the release, Roldan’s remix, comes in with a groovey house vibe that could blend amazingly into an idyllic morning. Looking at the whole picture, each approach to “Vicario” has its own mission and beauty, balancing the release as each version is tailored for different parts of the day and suited to different moods and energies.

The EP will be officially released on 14th of April and is available now for pre-order on Beatport.

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