Premiere: 1 – Alex Cristea & Lawstein – Mitski [DOT014]

Italian-born, Barcelona-based artist Alex Cristea returns to his DOTS label together with the jazz musician Lawstein.

DOTS is a project shared between Cristea and Ludwig Rausch, born out of a love for diverse and interesting sounds which the duo have expressed through a series of Bandcamp releases. Operating out of Munich, the output has featured the likes of Enzo Leep, Tony Dee and Mytee, giving a platform for rising producers with a fresh take on dance music.

The 14th output continues this eclectic theme as the two artists fuse the world of jazz and electronica into one with a classy two-tracker. ‘Mitski’ reveals the jazzy foundations with a lush bed of sustained piano chords shimmering over delicate percussions. It becomes immediately evident that there is more to this collaboration than solely club music.

Elements are carefully considered and carry a fragile energy, creating the kind of dance music you could comfortably play both in a restaurant or at 7am on the dance floor. It’s a serene atmosphere that lures you in with each bar, wrapping eerie vocals around peculiar samples and choir-like pads.

You can picture the likes of Praslea and Priku fizzing this one into the mix during a luscious Sunwaves moment, or deep into an extended session at the beloved Bucharest venue Guesthouse. The same laid-back charm gives a versatile energy that could easily be played as a mood-setting track mid-set, or getting things going after the warm-up.

Lawstein is an alias of the talented jazz musician Michele Olivia. After crossing paths with Alex Cristea back in 2016, the pair have been finessing their approach in the studio. Clearly inspired by the serenity of jazz and the menace of the club, these expressions are a unique take on what club music can sound like.

The B-side ‘Toksa’ meanders through a more melancholic vibe with enchanting pianos and elegant sound design to conclude this intriguing collaboration.

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