Trommel.195 – Tania Vulcano

Few could argue the influence that Tania Vulcano has had on the face of electronic music and not just minimal. One of Ibiza’s most well loved and hardest working residents on the island, her reputation has been built upon countless hours behind the decks at her beloved DC-10 and Circoloco. Without Tania Vulcano in control of the infamous terrace there is no doubt that many of the memories that those original clubbers hold dear would never have taken place. 

Tania’s legacy is most definitely not confined to Ibiza as she is a constant force on the world circuit. On any given weekend (and weekday) she can be found mangling minds and soothing souls with her ever evolving brand of stripped back house and techno. This can also be found in her back catalogue which includes releases on her own imprint ISGUD and associated tracks on sub label WAX ISGUD.

It would seem almost poetic that her next jaunt off the island is back to where she recorded her mix live for our podcast series and that is Madrid staple – Roots. Like the many examples of her performances at DC-10, Tania is in control of the crowd from the first to the last beat. From techy rollers, acid dipped melters, and vibe heavy breaks, Tania shows just why she is the certified First Lady of DC-10 and has been since the late 90’s.

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