July Z – Yttrium EP (JLZ002)

After a first release in 2017, Juliche Hernandez return on his new mystery imprint July Z with a vinyl-only limited edition named Yttrium.

The EP, which consist in two well designed dark and minimal tracks named as the release itself, is well different from what we know about the Spanish DJ, but not less perfect for the dancefloor.

In a recent conversation with him, he explained that he is still growing and producing for his better known Downhill Music label, but at the same time experimenting new minimal sounds that found their home in the July Z project.

The choice of pressing a limited amount of copies is both to keep the record special and intriguing, consistent with the label productions so far.

We are sure we will hear Yttrium in more than one dancefloor..

Yttrium is out on 16 January 2018; listen to the snippets and pre-order the record on deejay.de

Juliche Hernadez:

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